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Growing their engineering team rapidly, Amplitude implemented Hired Assessments to save engineering time and reduce bias.



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San Francisco, CA


Scaling up hiring across the organization was requiring a significant time invesment from engineering.


Amplitude implements Challenges after the recruiting phone screen and before the hiring manager call.


This results in 75% of engineering time saved at the technical screen.

Founded in 2012, Amplitude has become an industry leading product analytics platform, turning user data into actionable insights for over 12,000 customers.

Increasing headcount rapidly, Amplitude's head of product engineering, Greg Jones, turned to Hired Assessments to help assess senior-level candidates, while freeing up more time for him and his team to focus on shipping code. And with stacks of resumes piling up before new-grad hiring season, Head of Talent, Vince Walker, and the technical recruiting team led an effort to focus less on resume keywords and more on engineering ability.

Hired Assessments has been a great way for us to get signal earlier in the hiring process.
Greg Jones
Director of Product Engineering

Hiring top engineering talent is more difficult today that ever before. Giving candidates a personalized experience, while being able to effectively assess technical ability has been crucial to Py's implementation at Amplitude:

Hired Assessments makes it easy to build in our own questions- allowing us to create an engaging interview process for our candidates that is high signal for us.
Antonio Osorio Vivanco
Head of Cloud Engineering

Hired Assessments has allowed Amplitude to consider candidates they previously didn't have had the bandwidth to interview: "We've already seen candidates that on paper are more junior but turn out to be very strong when we bring them onsite." says Greg.

In addition to saving engineering hours, providing a best-in-class candidate experience was also top of mind for Amplitude's recruiting team. "I want candidates to know we're using cutting edge technology" says Vince. Implementing Hired Assessments allows candidates to show off their technical ability in an environment they feel comfortable.

Hired Assessments is proving to be an effective and valuable technical evaluation platform as we roll out to our engineering teams. Their team is highly talented and they have been excellent partners. They also provide thorough and detailed customer success when we have questions. We are very happy with our relationship with Py!
Vince Walker
Director of Global Recruiting


LiveRamp switched to Hired Assessments after trying other popular assessment products due to greater customizability.


Since investing in Py, Factual is replacing resume screens with skill-based assessment.


After implementing Py, Bandwidth has a standardized their interview process for engineering candidates.