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North Carolina-based telecommunications company updates technical interview process with Py.



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Raleigh, NC


Inefficient technical interview process using Google Docs.


Challenges automates technical assessment across multiple engineering teams.


Faster process for both engineering and recruiting teams.

Bandwidth empowers companies with phone calling, text messaging, and 9-1-1 connectivity to apps and software.

At over 500 people, Bandwidth continues to see rapid growth of their engineering team. Overseeing their technical hiring process, VP of Software Development, Doug Neumann, worked closely with the Hired Assessments team to implement automatically graded assessments across various engineering teams. In conjunction with the implementation on the engineering side, recruiter, Amy Bruce, uses Py's Greenhouse integration to seamlessly support technical assessment at a high volume.

The Hired Assessments team was incredibly responsive to our needs- I was closely involved in the hiring process at Bandwidth and Hired Assessments made a material impact on our process by allowing our engineering team to spend time with the best candidates while empowering the recruiting team to focus on bringing in the best candidates.
Doug Neumann
VP of Software Development

Before Py, Bandwidth's recruiting and engineering teams would manually share and review candidate code with Google docs. This practice was time consuming and unscalable given the team's aggressive hiring goals. Now, with unlimited seats and unlimited tests, Bandwidth uses Hired Assessments year-round for a wide variety of roles. This includes not only seasonal high volume intern hiring, but also for senior developer roles.

For a company with close proximity to some of the country's top universities, Bandwidth sees a high volume of intern and new grad job applications. In order to develop a scaleable system of assessing these candidates, the hiring team needed a solution that could integrate seamlessly into their workflow.

During intern hiring season, we see hundreds of inbound resumes from around the country and especially from local universities. We needed a solution that would allow us to support technical skills assessments at such a high volume. The Greenhouse integration was incredibly easy to configure and incorporate into our previous workflow. Within a day we were ramped up and able to start sending out challenges to candidates.
Amy Bruce


LiveRamp switched to Hired Assessments after trying other popular assessment products due to greater customizability.


LiveRamp switched to Hired Assessments after trying other popular assessment products due to greater customizability.


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