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Evaluate engineers more effectively.
Traditional coding challenges don’t help you evaluate communication skills and critical thinking. Ours do.
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A fully-featured coding environment
Created with Sketch. Code execution Our bread & butter. Easily run real code with the tap of a button. Question Bank Choose from our pre- built bank of questions or customize your own. Languages We support all the most popular languages. See all a full list here . Markdown Support Questions are rendered with Markdown, making it easy to build your own. Created with Sketch. Test Cases Coding questions that use test cases let you leave the grading to us. Created with Sketch. Video Recording Video lets candidates explain their thinking while working.
How it works
1. Create a challenge
Evaluate skill by choosing from hundreds of pre-built challenge problems or customize your test by creating your own.
2. Invite Candidates
After creating a challenge, send it directly to candidates or embed it on your company’s career page.
3. Review
Submissions are automatically scored and ranked against existing responses.
1. Create a challenge
Automated assessment helps you save time and money by screening candidates that don't meet your specific hiring needs. Use our simple drag and drop interface to build customized tests, or choose from our extensive bank of questions.
2. Invite Candidates
Once you've created a challenge, you can send it directly to candidates by email, embedding it on your careers page and posting to your Hired Assessments company page. Removing the pressure of whiteboarding lets candidates show off their ability in a comfortable environment.
3. Review
Receive a report that automatically scores and ranks candidate performance along with full access to their submitted code. Recruiters and engineers can then quickly sort and code review top performing applicants.
Powerful Customizability
Your company is unique and you need to hire unique talent. Evaluate engineers based on your specific hiring needs by creating custom challenges that allow you to identify engineers with the skill sets your company needs.
Eliminate Bias
Automated skill assessment ensures that your hiring process is free from bias, both subconsious and otherwise.
Evaluating candidates based on resume keywords can create bias in your hiring process. Automated skill assessment allows you to assess candidates objectively based on their ability, not their resume.
Fully-featured Admin Dashboard
Track candidate performance, benchmark against previous hires and collobarate with your team to share information.
Once you’ve identified top performing candidates, use the Playback feature for reviewing code keystroke-by-keystroke to understand the exact steps used to solve the challenge. Playback is also a powerful tool for detecting plagiarism.
Watch candidates solve your challenges keystroke-by-keystroke with our Playback feature.
We help companies hire better.
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