Intro to CS
Coming soon! An intro to the fundemental concepts and applications of computer science.
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Estimated Time
25 hours
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Prior experience with Python is recommended to take this course.
Programming Fundementals
Data Types
Logical & Conditionals
Basic Data Structures
Stacks, queues and arrays are fundemental data structures widely used in software everywhere.
Recursion is a method of breaking a problem down into progressively smaller subproblems. We can use recursion to write surprisingly elegant solutions to tough problems.
What is Recursion?
Fibonacci Sequence
Tower of Hanoi
Finding data in a data structure is a fundemental and incredibly important problem in computer science.
Brute Force Search
Binary Search
Sorting is the process of arranging data into a specific order.
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort
Merge Sort
Quick Sort
The tree data structure is widely used in many areas of computer science, including databases, computer networks and operating systems.
What is a Tree?
Tree Traversal
Binary Trees
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I take this course?
This course provides an introduction to computer science, covering fundemental programming concepts, core data structures and common algorithms.
How much does the course cost?
This course is free.
How do you develop the curriculum?
Hired Assessments worked closely with our content partners at Segment and Heap Analytics to develop the curriculum.
How is the content presented?
Unlike other learning platforms that use either video lectures or reading material combined with individual coursework, Hired Assessments enables you to experience what it actually looks like to use a text editor, run programs, and work on projects that directly apply your skills, all within the course.
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