Make a Game
Learn the basics of making games using Unity, a multipurpose game engine powered by C#.
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Estimated Time
2.5 hours
Average Salary
Market Size
$91B+ by 2020
Prior experience with C# is recommended.
Get familiar with the basics of Unity.
Unity Engine
GameObjects are the building blocks we use to create complex game scenes.
Creating a Script
Building GameObjects
Learn how to define the Player's movement and physics.
Loading an Image
Rigidbody 2D
Box Collider 2D
Player Script
Control Flow
Build the ground for the Player to interact on.
Pivot Point
Edge Collider 2D
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I take this course?
Are you an avid gamer? Curious about how to create your own? This course teaches the basics of creating a 2D game using Unity and C#.
How much does the course cost?
This course is free.
How do you develop the curriculum?
Hired Assessments worked closely with our content partners at Segment and Heap Analytics to develop the curriculum.
How is the content presented?
Unlike other learning platforms that use either video lectures or reading material combined with individual coursework, Hired Assessments enables you to experience what it actually looks like to use a text editor, run programs, and work on projects that directly apply your skills, all within the course.
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