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Case Study

LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) evaluated every major assessment product on the market and trusted Hired Assessments to support thousands of tests during peak new grad hiring season.

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Case Study

Since investing in Hired Assessments, Factual is replacing resume screens with skill-based assessment to reduce bias and save engineering time.

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Save engineering time.

Hired Assessments replaces the technical phone screen, which saves significant engineering time. This frees up time for your engineering team.

Our platform lets you build real-world assessments that are automatically graded. This means that recruiters can assess candidates without even needing to rely on engineering.

Reduce bias.

Replace resume review with assessments that reveal a candidate's true skill, regardless of their background.

Companies that rely purely on resume keywords and pedigree often lose out on hiring top engineering talent. Building assessments in Hired Assessments is easy, allowing candidates to demonstrate their skill in an environment where they feel comfortable.

Integrate with your ATS.

Hired Assessments integrates with leading ATS systems like Greenhouse and Lever so you can implement skills assessments without breaking your current workflow.

With minimal ramp up time, easily specify or create a stage, tag candidates, and send out tests for multiple roles directly from your ATS without complicating your pipeline.

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