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LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) switched to Hired Assessments after trying other popular assessment products due to greater customizability.



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San Francisco, CA


Thousands of candidates apply to LiveRamp during new-grad hiring season, and it is too costly to interview every candidate at the top of the funnel.


LiveRamp uses a custom-built company-specific Challenge at the top of the funnel to identify strong candidates and drive candidate engagement.


Hired Assessments enables LiveRamp to consider thousands of candidates and select only the best for advancement.

LiveRamp helps clients deliver innovative products and exceptional experiences by making it safe and easy to connect the world's data, people and applications.

LiveRamp had tried multiple screening tools prior to Py, and the team wanted a platform that was more flexible to supporting their specific custom questions for new-grad hiring. Gearing up for hiring season, a time of the year that the most sought-after companies see a notoriously high volume of candidates, LiveRamp worked closely with the Hired Assessments team to build questions that worked for their selective interview process.

Hired Assessments offers the most flexible testing platform on the market. They are the only company that could support the custom questions that LiveRamp needed to build in order to screen top-tier candidates.
Sean Carr
VP of Engineering

For a company highly-sought after by recent graduates, LiveRamp prides itself on delivering a first-class candidate experience designed to attract and identify top-tier candidates. Hired Assessments coordinated closely with LiveRamp's Engineering Chief of Staff, working cross-functionally with both the engineering and talent teams to deliver the best possible candidate experience, while simultaneously being able to identify the most promising candidates.

Furthermore, in order to support a high volume of candidates, LiveRamp's recruiting team needed seamless integration with their ATS. With minimal ramp-up time, LiveRamp's recruiting team is now able to seamlessly send out assessments and review candidate solutions directly from Greenhouse, their ATS.

After thoroughly reviewing other technical assessment platforms, LiveRamp landed on Hired Assessments as the best one to support their use case for building custom questions for high-volume new grad hiring.

With Py, we are one step closer to identifying the top-tier candidates that we are searching for. In addition to having the most flexible testing platform on the market, Py's customer service has been above and beyond expectations.
Ben Misch
Engineering Chief of Staff

LiveRamp is now rolling out Hired Assessments to assess senior candidates as a result of the positive impact that Hired Assessments has had on their university recruitment.


Amplitude uses Hired Assessments to cut down on the amount of time engineers are spending on technical phone screens.


Since investing in Py, Factual is replacing resume screens with skill-based assessment.


After implementing Py, Bandwidth has a standardized their interview process for engineering candidates.