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OpenAI uses Hired Assessments to take a merit-based approach to sourcing qualified machine learning engineers



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San Francisco, CA


Given OpenAI's strong brand, they recieve too many resumes to review.


With Py, OpenAI considers candidates without focusing on resumes.


Faster process for both engineering and recruiting teams.

Founded in 2015 by Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Greg Brockman and other Silicon Valley industry leaders, OpenAI is a leading non-profit artificial intelligence research company.

Hired Assessments enables OpenAI to take an even greater skills-based approach to hiring. By optionally allowing candidates for their Machine Learning Engineer role to complete a Hired Assessments assessment at the top of the funnel, candidates can get fast-tracked in the interview process without a resume review.

This process lends itself to candidates that may look less strong on paper and gives them the chance to demonstrate their ability.

Hired Assessments has helped streamline the technical interview process for both our recruiting and engineering teams. We were able to easily build and input our own questions to the platform- allowing us to assess for a highly technical skill set while also taking a merit-based approach to hiring.
Wojciech Zaremba
Co-founder & Head of Robotics Research


Amplitude uses Hired Assessments to cut down on the amount of time engineers are spending on technical phone screens.


LiveRamp switched to Hired Assessments after trying other popular assessment products due to greater customizability.


After implementing Py, Bandwidth has a standardized their interview process for engineering candidates.