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4 Weeks
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Avg salary of a React engineer based on US job data
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Prior experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required to take this course. Familiarity with the command line, NPM and Git is ideal.
  • JSX
    • Syntax
    • Attributes
  • ES6
    • Classes
    • Arrow functions
    • Imports / exports
  • React Components
    • Props
    • State
    • Lifecycle Callbacks
    • Events
    • Composing Components
  • Advanced React
    • PropTypes
    • Refs
    • React Router
  • React Devtools
    • NPM / Webpack
  • React / Redux
    • Actions
    • Reducers
    • Stores
    • Async Actions
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After taking this course you'll understand React Fundamentals and advanced concepts like Redux and Router. Build up a portfolio and work with Py's engineering experts. Finally, receive personalized career guidance.
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Frequently Asked
How do I pay for Py’s courses? If I want to use Hired Assessments at my company, can I purchase the course for employees?
Hired Assessments accepts credit cards as payment for the React course. If you would like to use Hired Assessments at your company, or would like to establish a corporate partnership with Py, please reach out directly to
I recognize Hired Assessments from its mobile learning courses, what can I expect from Py’s React course?
Py’s new React course provides an interactive learning experience. With Py’s React course, you will be able to learn via interactive video. This means that you will experience what it looks like to use a text editor, and run the programs that you create. You will also complete projects and have access to course mentorship.
Is the course all videos? Will I have an instructor or someone to contact if I need help?
Py’s React course is not all videos. In addition to being able to practice in a text editor, you will have the opportunity to directly apply the skills you are learning by completing projects. You will also be able to contact Py’s experienced instructors should you need help with your projects, or need extra guidance on the course content.
What is interactive video?
Unlike other learning platforms that use either video lectures or reading material combined with individual coursework, Hired Assessments enables you to experience what it actually looks like to use a text editor, run programs, and work on projects that directly apply your skills.
Can my company use Py’s courses as training for employees? How can my company benefit from Py’s courses?
Hired Assessments works hard to develop courses on highly relevant topics. We believe our courses will especially help working professionals gain an edge and stay up to date with a rapidly changing technology environment. Additionally, we believe that Py’s React course can help companies invest in employee skill development.
What do I get after completing Py’s React course, will I be able to complete my own projects?
Learning Py’s React course with both allow you to practice your skills through creating projects, and prepare you to develop projects on your own. Currently Hired Assessments does not offer any kind of degree in the same way that other online education companies do.
Why should I enroll in this program?
Py’s React course has been tested and approved by top engineers employed at leading tech companies. If they love it, we’re sure you will too. Throughout the course, you will be able to apply what you are learning by completing projects and have access to mentorship with the experts who created the course. We believe the interactive nature of the React course will equip you to learn more effectively than other non-interactive courses.
What will this program cover?
This program will cover the fundamentals of React.js including JSX, ES6, React Components, as well as advanced React such as React Router and Devtools. Throughout the program, you will also complete projects that will allow you to directly apply the skills you are learning.
How are you developing the curriculum?
Py’s React course has been developed by working closely with programming experts who have backgrounds in computer science as well as professional experience with companies such as Facebook and Instagram. We have also tested our product extensively with several top engineers.
Will learning React help my career?
Yes, we believe that learning React will certainly help you advance your career! According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a React Developer is $83,435. A 2016 Stack Overflow survey also ranks React among top paying tech in the US. If you are looking to get hired, or advance yourself within your company, learning React is a great way to develop a valuable skillset.
What jobs will this program prepare me for?
By learning from the experts who developed Py’s React course, this program will help you in any stage of your career, whether you are hoping to advance yourself within your company, get hired by a leading tech company, or work on your own projects.
What are the prerequisites for this program?
HTML and JavaScript are certainly helpful prerequisites for Py’s React course. Additional experience with front-end frameworks such as Ember, Backbone, and Angular are also helpful.
How much does this program cost?
This program costs $399.
Is there a free trial?
You will be able to view a preview of Py’s React course.
After the program, will I still have access to the materials?
Yes, once you have completed the program, you will retain access to the course materials.
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