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Hire better engineers, faster.
Hired Assessments empowers your hiring team with a suite of products to evaluate technical candidates.
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Leading companies trust Hired Assessments
When it comes to recruiting the best people, candidates come first. Hired Assessments is designed to provide the best experience for your prospective hires.
Our Products
Whether you’re trying to screen, deeply evaluate, interview or discover new talent, Hired Assessments has you covered.
Cast a wider net
Hire candidates based on their real ability, not how well they can present themselves on paper.
In-depth Assessments
Use Projects to assess real software engineering tasks, like building an iOS app, machine learning model or webapp.
Interview Effectively
LiveChallenge makes interviewing engineers seamless. Start video chatting with candidates and running code in seconds.
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Don't take our word for it
Fast growing companies use Hired Assessments to hire top engineering and data science talent.
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We help companies hire better.
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